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The World’s Finest , Most Comfortable Mattress.


Our mission is to craft the finest , luxury mattresses in the world using natural materials and partner with quality home furnishings retailers to improve sleeping comfort, overall health and well-being for their customers.

Caluful® Mattress Company is built on a solid foundation of integrity, true craftsmanship and dedication. Caluful® Mattress’s hardworking craftspeople dedicate their working hours and professional lives to something larger than themselves – building the world’s finest handmade, high-quality mattresses and box springs. For generations, our people have built a life around the mattress industry, discovering new elements of comfort for our lifelong customers. Our artisans truly take pride in their work because on the other end of their commitment is a mother who can wake up without the constant back pain or a child that can finally fall soundly asleep. Each one of our experienced artisans has a personal hand in making each one of our quality mattress sets something truly special.

1851, Miller and his wife began use cotton and wool to make their first bedding.  His grandfather change his name be caluful Miller, caluful means california luxury future living. His grandfather hope his family bring the luxury living style to America.

1865, the first spring-structured mattress was born in the United States. Miller was deeply aware of the importance of spring-structured mattresses for sleep comfort. After several twists and turns, he learned how to make spring-structured mattresses.

1876, France gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States to commemorate the 100th anniversary of American independence. In the same year, the “Hundred Years Expo” was held in Philadelphia. At that time, Miller took the first CALUFUL mattress he had created by hand to participate in the Centennial Expo. He was taken by the members of the European royal family who came to visit and brought back to Europe.

1929 The Stock Market Disaster of America caused The Great Depression, and Caluful Miller Family was compelled to stop mattress business temporarily.

In the 1980s, LEADER mattress was established in Los Angeles. By chance, they saw a very old mattress in a friend’s house. When they touched the mattress, they found the mattress very comfortable and lying on the cloud. So they tried every means to contact Miller’s descendants, and bought some mattress recipes and how to make them, and used them in their own mattresses.


Caluful crafts high-quality, luxury mattresses.


Caluful believes in crafting all of our products by hand to ensure that our standard of quality is being met ,our dedicated craftspeople precisely hand make each high-quality Caluful mattress. Each mattress is finished, inspected and packed by hand to ensure the utmost attention to detail.

We’ve pursued the perfect night’s sleep for many years. Through a combination of old world craftsmanship and innovative technology, we invented the caluful sweet dream — an unmatched experience that elevates and supports through adaptive layers of comfort.



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