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California Mattress Manufacturer

Caluful Mattress is one of California mattress manufacturers. We are a luxury mattress brand in USA. We produce high end mattresses in California, our mattresses are made for comfort and longevity. 


Family Owned & Operated

We live locally and we understand how busy life can be and how hard it can be to sleep well. When you don't have enough time to get the amount of sleep you need, it's that much more important to get quality sleep. Our goal is to provide a great experience from start to finish and create customers for a better life.

High Quality Guaranteed

Today, we continue to make the finest quality, most comfortable mattresses available. We take our time to design each mattress, blend the finest materials to meet the comfort level which our customers want and to do it at a great value.

Knowledge & Experience

We have been in the industry for many years, and most of our sales staff has many years of experience. You probably have lots of questions, and we have the answers. No high pressure sales, just a clean and comfortable environment to experience the best mattresses and bedding.

We Care

We care about our customers and our products, which is why we focus on quality, value and promoting the importance of a good night’s sleep and its beneficial effects on your health.

Best Selection

We’re passionate about making high quality products. You will spend over 1/3 your life in bed and having a high quality mattress that will provide pressure-relieving support is essential for rejuvenating the body and promotin health. We are a luxury mattress brand you know and trust, made in the U.S.A.

Great Customer Satisfaction

We are constantly striving to improve the satisfaction of our retailers. Constantly trying to meet the needs of retailers to grow. We have never stopped working on our product quality and new product development. Our customers also give very high rate satisfaction with our high quality products



New Zealnad Wool

Joma Wool® is a high quality natural fibre, grown in New Zealand and used worldwide by some of the most esteemed mattress and bedding manufacturers.

As well as its incredible comfort, Joma Wool is a naturally grown product that offers a range of sleep and health benefits.


Few materials can match horsehair when it comes to constructing a bed. Horsehair comes with its own extremely effective, built-in ventilation system.
Each strand of horsehair acts like a miniature airway: a hollow tube with a microscopic capillary action that channels away moisture and lets fresh air in. It is so effective that if you soak horsehair with water and give it a shake, it dries almost immediately.
As a result, you’ll fall asleep quicker and enjoy deep, uninterrupted, rejuvenating sleep at the perfect temperature. Just imagine what this does for the quality of your sleep.


Natural latex is derived from the sap of a rubber tree and is commonly used within the comfort layer of a mattress. A highly responsive and elastic material, latex adapts to body movements as you sleep. Evenly distributing body weight across the mattress surface, it’s a great option if you’re looking for pressure relief.

Latex can be found within the comfort layer of a mattress, above the mattress springs. Some mattresses are made from 100% latex for exceptional comfort and support. 

Pocket Coil

Pocket spring covers contain hundreds and thousand of springs that are encased in individual soft fabric pockets below the layers of sumptuous fillings. This type of mattress is quite well-liked because the springs work independently at the right tension. Even if two people share the same bed, these mattresses will support each of them individually, giving them appropriate support. Beginning from head to toe, you will experience deep level of support with pocket spring mattress.

Organic Cotton

Natural cotton is used in natural filling mattresses to offer comfort and support while you sleep. Soft and cool, cotton is highly breathable and wicks away moisture for a fresh and dry sleeping surface. Cotton is most commonly found within the top layer of the mattress to offer a cushion of comfort above the mattress spring.

  • Natural cotton is used in natural filling mattresses to offer comfort and support while you sleep. Soft and cool, cotton is highly breathable and wicks away moisture for a fresh and dry sleeping surface. Cotton is most commonly found within the top layer of the mattress to offer a cushion of comfort above the mattress springs.

Memory Foam

The pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam were used to help prevent pressure sores and minimize pain in sensitive areas. This is still one of the core benefits of memory foam beds. When you lay down on memory foam, the material yields and adjusts to your shape, rather than forcing you to contour to it.

Testimonials, Happy Customers and Reviews


We took delivery of our Caluful mattress on Monday (as promised) and have now had two wonderful nights of restful therapeutic sleep. We are both older and prone to aches, pains and stiffness and can hardly believe it could make SO much difference in such a short time. Thank you to everyone involved in producing these mattresses. No doubt about it, Natural is best.



Just to say a huge thank you to Caluful mattress and their dedicated staff for the amazing all organic pure wool mattress, I love this mattress, first night I slept on it, I had best night’s sleep ever and the pillows are wonderful, just the correct amount of support and extremely comfortable.  Whilst not cheap, all these products are “worth every penny”, as they say.  I highly recommend this company and the above mentioned products.

Avril Trigg.


Thanks to you and all your team for our mattress.  It is so comfortable – just like sleeping on a cloud.  Well, how I would imagine that would be.  My husband says he has no aches or pains in the morning now.  The support it gives us great for both of us.  Absolutely no off gassing when we in unwrapped it.  My only concern was that I might find it a bit warm, being latex, but it is actually better in the respect than our previous mattress, which covering had some polyester in it.

Kirsty and Justin


Thank you so much for the lovely mattress, pillow , our little girl is so proud of her big girl bed, and we know she is safe from any harmful chemicals when she sleeps in her bed!

To be honest, the only reason I haven’t lost faith in humanity and its future is because of companies such as yours, interested in offering a good quality product, made in the country we are buying it in and mindful of providing natural, chemical free products.



Thank you all for another fantastic mattress! We are really enjoying our new mattress and our daughter is very proud of her ‘big girls’ bed too. As always it was a real pleasure dealing with you all. David, the delivery man was fantastic. Very helpful and professional despite his busy schedule.

Kate and David


 just wanted to write to say a big thank you for my new mattress. It makes such a difference to be comfortable in a bed in which I have to spend more time than most  I’m sure I’m sleeping better too, which really helps. People like you make life more bearable. I hope your business continues to grow; I’ve recommended your products to my friends and family.

C Lloyd


Leader Mattress Inc.

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